Workforce training & development

It is essential to increase the confidence and proficiency of staff caring for care home residents, particularly those with complex needs.

Care practitioners should be trained in competencies such as wounds management, nutrition and falls; and all staff should be offered training in other complex conditions, such as dementia and end-of-life care.

Investing in professional development for care home managers, nurses and care practitioners is essential to maximise the training and professional development opportunities available and to share this knowledge with their staff.

Although Care homes and local NHS services already have training and development programmes in place that reflect good practice, they may be delivered differently across a local area. Training and development can be achieved through collaborative and contractual arrangements.

The Enhanced Health in Care Homes programme team have been working in partnership with NELFT NHS Foundation Trust  (NELFT), UCLPartners and NHS Digital to support the delivery of train the trainer sessions for Significant 7+, What’s best for Lily?, Data Security & Protection Toolkit and NHSmail. 

Throughout our training events we have recognised just how beneficial it has been to provide care homes with the right tools, information and support. We have listened to their experiences, and with a deeper understanding of what they deal with on a daily basis, tailored our approach to ensure they receive the right guidance.

Care Homes across London have taken part in train the trainer events for the above areas with the expectation that they will deliver the training to all staff within their home. They are now well equipped to ensure their staff recognise early signs of deterioration and have access to the right support empowering them to make decisions more efficiently; and will be able to access NHSmail to start communicating more easily with their local health care services and hospitals if they need to.   

There are many fantastic initiatives and training models available for providers to access; however it can often be quite daunting to find the right training to build and develop the necessary skills needed to deliver excellent care. To find out more about training opportunities please contact 

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