Harnessing digital technology

In order to enhance health in care homes we need to harness digital technology so that health and care are linked up with access to care records, secure email and better use of technology in care homes.

The government has an ambitious vision for care homes across the UK to modernise health and social care using the latest (digital) technologies. To enable this vision we have been working with our partners to support care homes with completing the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) and to set up and start using NHSmail.  

To enhance wellbeing in care homes, we need to start connecting with our colleagues across health and care services. Creating these links and relationships will enable people to keep each other informed about the needs and conditions of residents; as well as starting to use Information Technology (IT) systems in care homes more effectively. 

Having access to up to date bed vacancy information from Care Homes is an invaluable resource of information for health and social care services to ensure people who are in need of care home support are placed in a suitable and comfortable place. CarePulse is a bed capacity tracker being used by care homes and commissioners across London; more information is available in the CarePulse section.

Digital Social Care is becoming an essential part of joint working between health and social care. The Registered Nursing Home Association is working in partnership with NHS Digital to support the digital journey of social care providers.

It is exciting to announce that the new Digital Social Care website is now live and being tested in the public domain www.digitalsocialcare.co.uk. The full launch of the website will be in June 2019. 

If you wish to provide feedback about the site and its content, click here – www.digitalsocialcare.co.uk/contact-us/  

In London we want to deliver support to care homes beginning their digital journey. To find out more please contact Jane Sproat.

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