Urgent Support, Pathways and Testing

[COVID-19\Suspected Coronavirus Care Pathway 2020.pptx – Missing resource]

This pathway is a consolidation of existing national and regional guidance and resources currently available to you. It is designed to complement and not replace local guidance and professional judgement. This document is accurate as of 26th May 2020.

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If you are concerned about a resident displaying symptoms of COVID-19, please call the NHS 111 Starlines service who will be able to support with any urgent clinical advice needs.

If you are unable to speak to a senior clinician during your initial call, you will receive a call back within 20 minutes.

Please follow these steps when calling the service and ensure to press the Starline number for care homes.

How to contact the service – [COVID-19\Care Home Resource Pack\Urgent access to clinical support – Star6.pptx – Missing Resource]

What to do in case of a COVID-19 outbreak?

Click here to for the steps to take if you suspect or have an outbreak [COVID-19\Care Home Resource Pack\Reporting an outbreak in your home.pptx – Link missing]

Testing residents and staff

Testing of residents and staff, in combination with effective infection control measures, supports prevention and control of Covid-19 in care homes.

Carers and nurses who will be swabbing residents in care homes should complete the online care home swabbing competency assessment before carrying out swabbing. Register at www.genqa.org/carehomes.

Find out more information about testing here.

For more detailed information on one page, click here [COVID-19\Care Home Resource Pack\Testing residents and staff.pptx. – link missing] This may be useful to download and print to put up in your care home for staff to see.

All essential workers can arrange a test via https://www.gov.uk/apply-coronavirus-test-essential-workers


Home testing: [ fact sheet – COVID-19\DHSC Coronavirus National Testing Programme.pdf – missing resource ]

Easy guide: How can you get a test for staff and residents – [ COVID-19\How to get a Coronavirus test kit for residents and staff.pdf – missing resource ]

Symptomatic care home staff should follow national guidance on self-isolation, for further details visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance/stay-at-home-guidance-for-households-with-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection

Actions for care home residents and staff when receiving PHE care home testing results: [ COVID-19\Actions to take when receiving PHE test results.pptx – missing resource ]

How to administer a COVID-19 test to care home residents

Admissions to care homes

The admission of residents into your home from hospital or community settings raises numerous challenges. Click here for a summary of national guidance – [ COVID-19\Care Home Resource Pack\Admissions to your home.pptx – missing resource ]

Assessment and template examples of Risk Assessments that should be carried out in care homes in line with current guidance and recommendations.

Stepdown of infection control precautions and discharging COVID-19 patients

COVID-19 Adult Social Care Action Plan, Department of Health & Social Care

Unable to accept a resident?

There may be grounds for a care home to decline admission if the home feels they are unable to manage the resident’s isolation needs. [ Click here for a summary of the current national guidance: COVID-19\Care Home Resource Pack\Unable to accept a resident.pptx – resource missing ]

If you are unable to accommodate a resident in isolation, the national guidance indicates that the Local Authority has some responsibility to help. However, your local CCGs will also support making the necessary arrangements with a joint approach between health and social care in supporting care homes with temporary alternative placements.

Managing respiratory symptoms

For guidance and recommendations on how to manage a resident with respiratory symptoms, click here COVID-19\Care Home Resource Pack\Managing respiratory symptoms.pptx

Further resources

Supporting someone with breathlessness

Managing breathlessness at home during the COVID-19 outbreak

Managing falls

For guidance and recommendations on how to prevent and manage falls, click here [ COVID-19\Care Home Resource Pack\Managing falls.pptx – missing resource ]

Further Resources

Staying Active at Home – A series of simple exercises recommended by physiotherapists to build strength and balance in older adults https://vimeo.com/showcase/6900217 and https://www.csp.org.uk/system/files/documents/2020-03/001728_Staying%20Active%20at%20Home_England_A4%20Download_Final.pdf

Managing a fall that may require and ambulance during the COVID-19 pandemic

“I stumble’ a falls assessment tool: http://www.westsuffolkccg.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/I-STUMBLE.pdf also available in an App: https://mangarhealth.com/uk/news/new-app-launched-to-provide-carers-with-an-interactive-post-falls-assessment-tool/

Information for residents, ‘what to do if you have a fall

Guidance videos

Assisting someone who is uninjured up from the floor

Using slide sheets in a confined space

Using a hoist to move from floor to bed

Moving and handling in health and social care

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