Supporting Residents, Relatives and Staff

Supporting your residents with learning disabilities

People with learning disabilities may be at greater risk of infection because of other health conditions or routines and/or behaviours. It is important that staff are aware of the risks to each person and reduce them as much as possible. For further guidance and resources, download the COVID 19 Vaccination Programme Toolkit.

Supporting people with a learning disability around the COVID-19 vaccination programme

This COVID 19 Vaccination Programme toolkit has been specifically developed by Guys & St Thomas’ Community Learning Disability Nursing Service to be used by clinicians, professionals, carers to support discussions with people with learning disabilities around the COVID 19 Vaccine. The aim of the kit is to aid the consent process, provide information for supporters regarding needle phobia and the vaccination process.

The tool kit consists of:

Supporting your residents with dementia

There will be a significant change in routine for people living with dementia

Further resources

Supporting your residents who are more confused than normal

COVID-19 can cause delirium – it might be the only symptom. Delirium can also be caused by infections, hospital admissions, constipation and medications

Supporting your residents health and well-being

Helping residents in a care home to enjoy their daily life and take full part in it as much as they can and is possible, is extremely important for their health and wellbeing. When choosing activities it is important to take in to account, the likes and preferences of your residents.

Staff mental health and emotional well-being

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting us all in many ways: physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. It is a normal reaction to a very abnormal set of circumstances. Managing your emotional well-being right now is as important as managing your physical health. Click here for further support information and support.

Further resources

Care App –

Good Thinking resources developed for social care

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