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The pledge:

Pledge by The Federation of London Local Dental Committees

1) Will engage with stakeholders to improve the oral health of Londoners. We do this through effective information sharing.
2) will provide a forum for professional engagement through member Local Dental Committees to ensure that the professional voice is heard.
3) Will work with the Local Dental Network and Health Education England to identify training requirements in general dental practice in the capital.
4) Will work with the British Dental Association and its General Dental Practice Committee to ensure that where appropriate issues are raised at the national level.
5) Are working with their local Cancer Research UK facilitator to help improve cancer referrals and promote healthy living advice.
6) Will engage with the Directors of Adult Social Care, Directors of Public Health in the boroughs, the London Dental Network and, when appointed, the Mayor’s Adviser on Children’s Oral Health to ensure that there is a coordinated Pan-London approach to improving children’s and older adults’ oral health.
7) Are working with NHS Digital to implement an efficient system for dental practices to obtain email addresses to facilitate referrals and secure communication.
8) Are working with representatives from the National Association of Primary Care to understand how General Dental Practice can fit with new models of working to improve the patient journey.
9) Will continue to engage with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare’s project on dentistry and, once recommendations are made help ensure that they are implementable in primary care dental settings to assist with the Mayor of London’s objective in improving air quality.
10) Facilitate regular meetings between the LDCs, NHS England (London Region) and other stakeholders on Sustainability and Transformation Plan footprints.
11) Will continue to keep our website,, up to date with the latest news and activities so all dental stakeholders in London have an effective one-stop-shop for oral health in London.

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