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The pledge:

Pledge by London Borough of Wandsworth

1) Routinely undertake Health Impact Assessments related to new developments to evaluate impacts on health and wellbeing.
2) Utilise opportunities presented by redevelopment to protect and enhance green space and ensure that affordable housing is prioritised as well as provision of needs based housing.
3) Are delivering the Healthy Streets approach via our Local Implementation Plan and working with transport planners to ensure that physical transport projects reflect priorities.
4) Run Work Match programme which helps to tackle some of the social and economic causes of ill-health and health inequalities by supporting residents into work and ensuring local residents benefit from the jobs and training opportunities being created in regeneration areas like Nine Elms.
5) Are an Air Quality Management Area, we are working, with others, to address air quality issues via implementation of the Air Quality Action Plan and through a cross-departmental Task Force.
6) Are working with local businesses and Town Centre Managers to look at consolidated deliveries.
7) Are working with TfL to introduce greener buses.
8) Are raising Awareness amongst the public and local businesses around the benefits of public transport, walking and cycling.
9) Are enforcing of anti-idling measures including financial penalties.
10) Are working with schools in high pollution areas to look at measures including alternative and less polluted walking routes for children and parents.
11) Are working with developers to limit construction impacts on air pollution of development sites, including Nine Elms.
12) Would support measures to deal with the proliferation of betting shops.

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