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The pledge:

Pledge by London Borough of Wandsworth

1) Set mental health as one of the three key priorities in the Joint Wandsworth Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
2) Have a Sustainability and Transformation Plan champions children and young peoples’ mental health and well-being. We also have a Suicide Prevention Strategy which is driven forward by a multi-agency group.
3) Promote Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) Curriculum.
4) Have increased clinical capacity for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) 0-5 Extended Service.
5) Are starting development of a transition service model for children with neurodevelopmental disorders aged 18-25 years old.
6) Have Community Champions who are trained mental health peer educators, focusing on BME communities.
7) Have suicide prevention training for health and social care workers, voluntary sector and residents.
8) Have Mental Health First Aid Training.
9) Run Physical Activity programmes for people experiencing serious mental illness.
10) Have Family Action mental health support in primary care.
11) Run the Your Way community recovery project which includes mental health reablement and community and peer support.
12) Are taking forward programmes to raise awareness within communities which find it challenging to acknowledge mental health issues.

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