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The pledge:

Pledge by London Borough of Camden

1) Have a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy explicitly sets out to improve the physical health of people with mental health conditions, with a particular focus on people with a serious mental health condition.
2) Deliver Mental Health First Aid and Awareness training to front line staff across Camden.
3) Focus on perinatal mental health focus groups with mums from Black and Ethnic Minority groups to understand their emotional well-being information and support needs in the perinatal period.
4) See Housing as a determinant of mental wellbeing: A strong commitment to genuinely affordable housing in our planning policies; The Community Investment Programme is our ambitious 15-year plan to invest over £1 billion in schools, homes and community facilities in Camden.
5) Work to build a new community resource centre at Greenwood Place in Kentish Town has recently started.
6) And Job Centre Plus commissioned three health-focused employment support programme pilots targeted at those furthest away from the labour market and at those with multiple/complex barriers to employment.
7) Along with The Camden Dementia Action Alliance brings together organisations working across the borough to transform the lives of people living with dementia and their carer’s.

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