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The pledge:

Pledge by London Borough of Barnet

1) Developed a range of strategies to target childhood obesity. Work around promoting healthy eating includes the Healthier Catering Commitment, which we actively promote and supports food businesses to achieve.
2) Are currently working on developing resources for businesses to make it even easier to achieve the HCC award.
3) Support increasing physical activity through a variety of initiatives.
4) Developed a Tier 2 pathway, which includes a targeted weight management service for 4-12 year olds. Going forward the borough aims to increase this offer to teenagers, and to use feedback gained from recent evaluation to improve and promote the service to relevant partners.
5) Are working hard to address drug, alcohol, and tobacco use within the borough. We are enabling children to make healthy choices through support of the drug, alcohol and tobacco education policy within the Healthy Schools Programme and will continue to promote this.
6) Completed an extensive project around the health impacts of shisha, which was very well publicised and reached over 3,000 secondary school pupils.
7) Offer a smoking cessation service encompassing over 40 providers within the borough and is based on a 5-week cessation support plan.

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