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The pledge:

Pledge by London Ambulance Service

1) Are introducing mental health nurses to our control room, who can provide specific support to patients with mental health conditions, particularly where being taken to hospital is not the most appropriate outcome for the patient.
2) Are expanding our training for staff.
3) Are working with mental health patients and their carers to improve how we deliver healthcare to them.
4) Are introducing a mental health risk awareness tool to help frontline staff assess mental health patients and handover key information to receiving clinicians.
5) Are supporting the Heads Together Time to Talk campaign, encouraging people to talk about mental health.
6) Are Signing the Blue Light Time to Change pledge, offering dedicated support to our staff to help our teams stay mentally well.
7) Are currently working with Kings College London on the Data Awareness for Sending Help (DASH) project.
8) Are working with St Helier hospital we have developed a scheme that has seen elderly patients in Sutton being discharged from hospitals quicker. The ‘Red Bag Scheme’ is now being expanded to other areas in London.

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