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The pledge:

Pledge by HLP

1) Developed the NHS Go App which is an additional tool that can be promoted in schools.
2) Have completed analysis of the high Return on investment areas for prevention to be targeted for action to address NHS sustainability.
3) Are supporting the implementation of the prevention devolution commitments.
4) Are currently reviewing the implications of the new national drug strategy and considering how our programmes can best support action in different health and community settings.
5) Actively support the expansion of health promotion activities in health settings both through our digital programmes but also within services by training a wider public health workforce to be healthy living champions.
6) Invested in pilot projects that are designed to help make healthy choices the easier choice but are sustainable in moving from start-ups to local community businesses e.g. FanActiv, MakeKit. We plan to continue to grow this type of activity in 18/19 by seeking philanthropic investment for innovation challenges.

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