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The pledge:

Pledge by Barking and Dagenham

1) Support the Mayor’s proposals to limit the development of new fast food takeaways around schools. Barking and Dagenham has policies to limit the development of new hot food takeaways within 400 metres of a school.
2) Consider the Cumulative Impact Zones to limit alcohol-related harm in more deprived area in our local plan.
3) Have gained Achievement Level of the London Healthy Workplace Charter. We are working towards Excellence level. We are also linking this closely with our local Thrive programme and active travel plans.
4) Currently ensures that no member of staff in a substantive post should be paid less than the London Living Wage. We have an ambition to raise average household incomes and believes this to be an important statement in terms of pay fairness.
5) Will continue our work with schools, employers, and community groups to promote walking and cycling as healthy, sustainable modes of travel.
6) Provide the necessary infrastructure and introduce effective behaviour change programmes to support the take-up of low emission and zero-carbon vehicles.
7) Have a key priority for the Council includes providing infrastructure to encourage greater levels of cycling and walking. A key priority for the Council remains the need to underground a 1.3km stretch of the A13 to reduce severance, improve air quality and to improve traffic flow in the area.

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