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Influenza (Flu)

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Never underestimate the flu… In 2017 a care home in Sutton experienced a flu outbreak in their home. This short film based on true events, shows the impact of the flu outbreak to staff and residents at the home. This long version is most suited to team meetings and this short version is for social media. […]

North London Snapshots

The North Central London Snapshot describes cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and personalised care in this STP. The North East London Snapshot describes cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and personalised care in this STP. The North West London Snapshot describes cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and personalised care in this STP.

Cancer Inequalities Toolkit

The Transforming Cancer Services Team (TCST) has produced a toolkit to reduce inequalities in cancer care and outcomes in London and West Essex. The strategy underpins delivery of the three agreed London Cancer Priorities 2019/20: Early detection of cancers including through screening and education activities; Delivery of the Faster Diagnosis Standard; Access to personalised care […]

Mental Health in ICS Implementation Tool

Background By April 2021 the Long Term Plan (LTP) requires all Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) to become Integrated Care Systems (ICS). As of November 2019 there is no fixed national blueprint for how ICS should evolve. NHS England and Improvement (NHS EI) have published ‘Designing Integrated Care Systems’ guidance which summarises different approaches that […]

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How to analyse HoNOS data

We have produced an analytical framework for HoNOS and ‘Analysing the data’ slides and video (for HoNOS profiles and Categorical Change) which will enable data to be routinely fed back in a clinically meaningful, visually appealing, easily interpretable format at a clinician and team level. We have also produced slides and a video with example […]

HoNOS Resources

To support the commitment of using HoNOS as a CROM for London, the London Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems (MHICS) team has: 1. Developed a training package to ensure HoNOS is used correctly and consistently by clinicians and to promote understanding of the value and utility of using HoNOS as a CROM. 2. Developed HoNOS analytical […]

London’s Mental Health System Stocktake and Modelling

With NHS England (London) we commissioned a London Mental Health System Stocktake and Modelling report from NHS Benchmarking Network, reviewing the provision of inpatient mental health beds and specialist community services in London: The report assesses the current scale of delivery of specialist mental health services across London and how this relates to the known […]

Technical User Guide for DIALOG

DIALOG Analytical Framework An analytical framework has been developed with Stefan Priebe and colleagues at Queen Mary University of London. The analytical framework provides a consistent approach to understanding the DIALOG data and covers: • What does DIALOG measure? • What is a positive or negative score? • When should ratings be obtained? • Evaluating […]

Pan-London education & training for DIALOG

Pan-London education and training for DIALOG The purpose of these education and training slides is to support a consistent approach to London implementation of DIALOG and how it is used across each of the London Mental Health Trusts. The training includes: an overview of DIALOG and DIALOG+ how to rate DIALOG when to complete DIALOG […]

English & translated versions of the DIALOG scale

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Translated versions Copies of the DIALOG scale are available in the following languages: DIALOG Scale Albanian DIALOG Scale Bosnian DIALOG Scale Croatian DIALOG Scale English DIALOG Scale Italian DIALOG Scale Luganda DIALOG Scale Macedonian DIALOG Scale Montenegrin DIALOG Scale Portuguese DIALOG scale Serbian DIALOG Scale Spanish DIALOG Scale Urdu


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DIALOG guidance

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Videos (see links on right) We have produced an animated video aimed at service users who have a mental health illness to describe how they can use DIALOG and DIALOG+ to help support them with their recovery. We have also created a service user case study video to communicate the benefits of DIALOG for service users and […]

HoNOS training package

We have produced some core training slides and accompanying video for clinicians to understand more about HoNOS, and how it can be used as a clinician reported outcome measure. Once clinicians have watched the video and/or looked through the slides, they can then practice rating HoNOS using the case studies. Pan London training materials Pan […]

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In London, we are supporting the use and analysis of HoNOS as a clinician reported outcome measure (CROM). What is HoNOS? HoNOS (Health of the Nation Outcome Scales) is a method of measuring the health and social functioning of people with severe mental illness. It is comprised of 12 scales that measure behaviour, impairment, symptoms […]


DIALOG In London, we are supporting the implementation of DIALOG as the London patient reported outcome measure (PROM) which is an assessment of health status and health-related quality of life that comes directly from the patient. What is DIALOG? DIALOG is a set of 11 questions where service users are asked to rate their satisfaction […]

Outcome Measures

Measuring outcome measures provides a way for patients, clinicians and the health and care systems to understand the impact of the care provided. Outcome measures can be used to identify patient needs and understand the effectiveness of any care or treatment. They can also be used to measure health outcomes for a local population through […]


Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems

The London Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems (MHICS) programme is a London-wide programme that strives to make the case for, and to understand the value of, mental health within an Integrated Care System (ICS). The NHS Long Term Plan requires Integrated Care Systems to be in place by April 2021; the MHICS programme is […]

Primary Care Cancer Educational Toolkit


The purpose of this toolkit is to highlight to Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)  the gaps in cancer training and education. It provides a repository of online courses and resources for primary and community healthcare professionals, as well as information about local educational events taking place in London. The training […]