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London General Practice Access Guide and Manual

The London General Practice Access Guide and the supporting London General Practice Access Manual have been created to support general practices manage current access pressures. Practices are facing a number of competing priorities including administering the COVID vaccine programme, responding to the pandemic, facing a backlog of care and a workforce that is fatigued. The Guide and the Manual aim to provide the evidence and examples of good practice to help manage these challenges, with the aim of creating happier, resilient teams and improving patient satisfaction.

The Guide provides a brief visual overview of a whole system approach to access and serves as a quick reference whilst the Manual provides greater detail and an abundance of resources to enable those leading on access improvement projects to implement changes.

To support the launch of the London General Practice Access Guide and Manual, Healthy London Partnership are running five webinars during September and October 2021 that will cover each of the main chapters. The webinars are aimed at local practice teams and will support consideration into local access improvement projects. For further details, including how to register, please click here.

For comments or queries on the Guide and Manual please contact