Going beyond health and care

Making every contact count already recognises that staff across health, local authority and voluntary sectors have thousands of contacts every day with individuals and are ideally placed to promote health and healthy lifestyles. We are exploring new and innovative ways that more individuals, beyond traditional health and care roles, can have conversations promoting healthier choices.

We are currently working with the London Fire Brigade to pilot fire, safe and well visits. Pilots will run in each of London’s five sustainability and transformation planning (STP) footprints in Ealing, Greenwich, Islington, Merton and Waltham Forest.

Initially, ten London Fire Brigade staff will be trained using a blend of making every contact count and social prescribing approaches and deployed into STP areas. The first focus will be on falls prevention, smoking cessation, winter warmth and any locally agreed priorities.

We are also working with supermarket chain the Co-op identifying opportunities where pooled assets, resources and activities can enhance communities and make a positive impact on Londoners health and wellbeing.

The voluntary sector

It is clear that the voluntary sector has an important role to play in promoting healthy behaviour and the prevention agenda. We are particularly looking at how stronger partnerships could be forged in London with influential voluntary organisations and then learning shared across the UK.

We are keen to explore ways of partnering with organisations the voluntary sector. If you are interested in getting involved in making every contact count in London please email hlp.meccinlondon@nhs.net.

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