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Personalised care resources

Sharing resources and facilitating collaboration across London is a crucial part of our team’s work. Please see below and if you would like to add your resources to this list,  please contact us. 

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  1. Social prescribing resources
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  3. Health and wellbeing coaching resources
  4. Case Studies

Social Prescribing Resources: 

Implementation guide for PCNs

This is a summary guide of what social prescribing is for those implementing/ delivering social prescribing services, but could be of interest to Link Workers to gain further context of their role and useful as a reference when advising PCNs on guidance around the delivery of effective social prescribing. 

Information for new Social Prescribing Link Workers

Whether you’re an experienced Link Worker or brand new to the role, these resources from NHSE outline key information and documents for Social Prescribing Link Workers working in the NHS through Primary Care Networks.

NHSE support and resources for social prescribing  

This page from NHS England provides a number of useful resources about social prescribing, as well as information on accessing the latest webinars, online training and toolkits.

NHSE Social Prescribing NHS Future workspace

The Social Prescribing Collaboration Platform is a place for Social Prescribing Link Workers (SPLWs) working with Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to access key documents and updates about Social Prescribing.

NHS London Region NHS Future Workspace

This space is for London-based social prescribing link workers, service managers and other staff related to social prescribing in London. Here you can find information relating to Social Prescribing activities in London, details of your Regional Learning Coordinator and Regional Facilitator, local SP events, and join in with discussions and ask questions.

London Social Prescribing Newsletter

Each month, the Healthy London Partnership Personalised Care team send out a comprehensive newsletter bringing you the latest news, events and resources.

North East London New SPLW Guide 

The guide for new social prescribing Link Workers (SPLWs) in north east London is part of the personalisation and social prescribing transformation programme in the North East London Health and Care Partnership. It builds on work undertaken in Waltham Forest in 2020 in early intervention and prevention.

London Social Prescribing Link Worker Training and Development Matrix

This has been created by London Regional Learning Coordinator in order to support SPLWs and SP Managers with finding appropriate professional development opportunities and resources. 

Social Prescribing and Health Inequalities

These resources are designed to support social prescribing to tackle health inequalities, by targeting specific cohorts of people.

London Together Learning Guide: Engaging with target audiences

London Together Learning Guide: Approaches to sport and integration

An informal guide to building a PHM Community of Practice

Referral Pathway Care Coordinator Model: Lewisham

Referral Pathway Care Coordinator Model for Health Inequalities (Homeless): Lewisham

Care Coordinator practice leaflet: Lewisham

Long Covid Clinic – Invitation copy

Care Coordination Resources: 

NHSE Care Coordinator Welcome Pack

This is a summary pack for new Care Coordinators. It will help you to find your feet in your new role. It will also point you in the direction of more detailed information that might be useful to you.

An induction guide for care coordinator workers in primary care networks. 

Care Coordinators NHS Future Collaboration Platform 

This workspace is intended for care coordinators to access and share resources, access up to date information and ask questions and share ideas via the discussion forums.

NHSE Care Coordinator role webinar slides

From the NHSE introductory webinar, these slides run through what personalised care is and provides practical tips to help new Care Coordinators in their role.

Care Coordinator recruitment pack final

NHSE have created these optional resources are provided to support PCN sin the recruitment or engagement of care coordinators – including templates for job adverts and descriptions, as well as personal specification and interview questions.

Main Health and Wellbeing Coaching Resources: 

Health and Wellbeing Coach Welcome Pack

This an induction guide for health and wellbeing coach workers in primary care networks. It will help you to find your feet in your new role. It will also point you in the direction of more detailed information that might be useful to you.

Health Coaching guide and technical annex

This guide and technical annexes, designed to support the delivery of health coaching, should be used when commissioning and when deciding what can or should be counted and reported as health coaching in a local area.

Case Studies

Reducing Health Inequalities: deprived areas and long term conditions in Richmond

Reducing Health Inequalities: health inclusion and homelessness in Lewisham

Reducing Health Inequalities: health inequality strategy development in Sutton

Reducing Health Inequalities: long Covid-19 clinics in Merton

Reducing Health Inequalities: supporting refugees and migrants in Croydon

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