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London Estates Board

The London Estates Board aims to provide a single place for London-level discussions about NHS estate. The goal is to overcome the challenges currently faced and to ensure that there is greater clarity on individual business cases. The ambition is that the LEB will eventually be the forum where new London level powers, such as business case approvals, can be carried out. 


Frequently asked questions



The challenge

The NHS is one of the largest owners of land and buildings in London. Our hospitals occupy around 1000 acres of land, that’s three times the size of Hyde Park. But many of our buildings are in need of repair and so can’t be used to provide care for patients.

These unused sites still drain much-needed NHS money in maintenance costs. Through devolution, NHS trusts will be encouraged to sell unused land and buildings and reinvest the money back into London’s health and care system to build better GP surgeries, community services and hospitals. By releasing land, Londoners will be able to build the homes and schools that Londoners need.

What we are doing

The London Estates Board formed in December 2016. Healthy London Partnership is responsible for the London Estates Delivery Unit that supports it and which brings together the collective technical and professional expertise of constituent organisations across London. Both the board and the delivery unit bring together organisations from London and central organisations, including the Department of Health and HM Treasury. The work of the board was referenced in the government’s recent response to the Naylor Report and London will continue to work closely with central government and the Department of Health property companies going forward.

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