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London Homeless Health Covid-19 Response Resources

We have been coordinating the London Covid-19 Homeless Health Response as a multi-agency approach to managing the health needs and minimising the transmission of Covid-19 within the homeless population in London.

Please see a range of resources, information and further contacts below.

Latest updates

If you have a resident showing Covid-19 symptoms, please refer to the Find&Treat team.

For further information about what action hostels should take if they have a symptomatic case, please see the frequently asked questions.

Webinar series: Homeless health, primary care and Covid

In June 2020, this HLP series featured experts with lived experience and specialist GPs:

Additional resources:

The following documents refer to the COVID-19 Homeless Rapid Integrated Screening Protocol (CHRISP) health needs assessment tool, used during the first wave of the pandemic to screen the health and social care needs of street homeless clients who were accommodated in GLA hotels.

The CHRISP tool highlighted the need to consider all aspects of patient care: health, drug and alcohol support, and social care needs when planning discharge to move-on accommodation.

A modified Mini-CHRISP PLUS tool was also developed in July 2020 to allow non-clinical outreach workers to quickly identify those at increased risk to COVID-19 who needed to be shielded in appropriate accommodation: