Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Good Thinking?

Good Thinking is an online mental wellbeing service that promotes proactive self-care for the four most common mental health conditions: anxiety, low mood/depression, sleeping difficulties and stress. It developed through a partnership of local authorities, NHS and Public Health England and is supported by the Mayor of London – with the Association of Directors of Public Health taking a lead role.

How long has it been running?

It has been in a test phase since November 2017, using search advertising and social media to target Londoners who are seeking advice on these topics online. Now it aims to encourage more people who live and work in London to visit to use its quizzes and self-assessment tools to get personalised recommendations for wellbeing resources (apps, websites, guides and service signposting) for their level of need and preference of approach.

Who is using it?

A significant amount of user research took place in the lead up to its development and ongoing feedback in actively sought. To date it has had around 260,000 visitors with around 1/3 of those being repeat users. All use is anonymous.

Why isn’t it an NHS website?

Research indicated that most people found the topics easier to engage with when the focus was not medical, therefore on this occasion it was decided not to brand it NHS.

Where do the resources come from?

The apps have been reviewed by the NHS apps library and its other resources are reviewed to ensure they are appropriate and particularly that they support behaviour change. There are about 120 unique resources available through Good Thinking. Of those, 75% are free.

Why aren’t all the apps free?

Research indicated that including paid apps encourages choice and makes it more likely that users will follow through on their choices (paid or unpaid) therefore a small proportion of paid apps have been selected. We have partnered with Sleepio and Be Mindful which usually require payment but have been funded for Londoners if they access them via Good Thinking.  Sleepio is currently Good Thinking users’ most population destination.

How can I feedback on using Good Thinking?

An evaluation is currently underway with King’s College London. If you have used Good Thinking and would like to participate in an interview about your experience please email:

If you can only spare a few minutes, please give us some feedback by filling in our survey all responses are anonymous and will help inform improvements for the website and the evaluation.

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