About Good Thinking

About Good Thinking

Good Thinking provides safe, proactive and early intervention tools to Londoners who are experiencing the four most common mental health and wellbeing concerns: depression, stress, sleep, and anxiety.  

How does Good Thinking reach people?

It uses social media and search advertising to reach people who are seeking for advice on topics related to sleep, anxiety, low mood and stress and directs them to its website where online self-assessment tools enable users to access a wide range of resources personalised to their needs.

Over 120 online resources are signposted to through www.good-thinking.uk, including wellbeing information sources; guides to improving mental health; courses on and offline; mobile apps and other therapy approaches suitable for London’s modern, highly-mobile population.

What does Good Thinking do?

  • Uses digital interventions to provide preventative and personalised journeys to self-help and self-care for better mental wellbeing.
  • Is available to people in London 24/7
  • Actively finds and guides those in need to online resources such as mobile apps, websites and services that are clinically and behaviourally endorsed.
  • Offers wellbeing self-assessment that enables self-care offerings to be personalised.
  • E-safety, safeguarding and clinical risk management are at its core while it focuses on behavioural change and self-management.
  • Has the potential to improve the mental wellbeing of all Londoners; reduce pressure on local services; and save London and health and care services money
  • Provides wellbeing support at scale.

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