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Good thinking digital wellbeing service

Good thinking digital wellbeing service

What the programme does

Good Thinking is designed to improve Londoner’s mental health and wellbeing. This 24-hour online service finds people who may be struggling with a range of issues impacting on their mental health and directs them to resources that meet their personalised needs.

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How to use Good thinking

Explore Good Thinking

Improving Londoners’ wellbeing everyday

More people are looking for new ways to help improve their wellbeing than ever before. That’s why Good Thinking guides Londoners to clinically-trusted resources, such as websites and mobile apps, so they can feel confident about embracing innovative self-care approaches to improve how they feel everyday.

Good Thinking uses social media and search advertising to reach people who are seeking help and advice about sleep, anxiety, low mood and stress and directs them to its website where online self-assessment tools recommend resources that respond to their personalised needs.

Who is Good Thinking for?

Good Thinking launched in November 2017. It is designed for anyone living or working in London. So far over 150,000 Londoners have used Good Thinking to tackle sleep, anxiety, stress and depression. It’s free for Londoners thanks to London’s NHS, London’s borough councils and Public Health England.

Are you working in London’s NHS and public sector organisations? Talk to your Wellbeing Lead about adopting Good Thinking as part of your organisation’s Wellbeing Programme. It’s free and can support individuals in self-managing their mental health and building resilience so they can perform at their best.

Materials to help raise the profile of Good Thinking within your organisation are available to download from our resources section.

More information

Research conducted and project documentation is available to download from our resources section: 

Explore Good Thinking’s website