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Fast-Track Cities London 2020 webinars

What London can do together to get to zero HIV for Black people?

Fast-Track Cities London and One Voice Network joined together for Black History Month 2020 to document the stories and work of Black people living with HIV in London and the people and organisations supporting them. This online discussion was about what London could collectively do to get to zero HIV for Black people in London. The topics included:

  • How can we improve HIV services for Black people in London?
  • How can faith leaders support the Black community to get to zero HIV?
  • How can we encourage better engagement with HIV prevention services?
  • How do we work together to improve social justice and care for migrants with HIV?

Read other work we did in Black History Month here.

HIV testing for people who are homeless

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant London has been working together to bring many people who experience homelessness into hotels across the city, so they can stay safe. This presented an opportunity to test many of these people for HIV and some other sexually transmitted diseases.

We hosted a webinar on the testing service on Friday 26 June 2020, read the slides here.

If you want to find out more about the Find and Treat service in London hotels for people who are homeless email Dr Binta Sultan, University College London at


COVID-19, inequalities and BAME communities: implications for HIV prevention?


Professor Kevin Fenton, London’s Regional Director for Public Health and Co-Chair of Fast-Track Cities London, held a webinar on Tuesday 28 July 2020 on the following topics:

  • The intersection of HIV and COVID in BAME communities
  • What does the COVID pandemic mean for communities going forwards?
  • Access to services – how have they been affected?

Watch the webinar above and read the slides he presented here.

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