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Fast-Track Cities London roadmap 2019- 2030

What is the Fast-Track Cities London roadmap?

The Fast-Track Cities roadmap shows the steps London must take on the journey to zero. These will include:

1. Leading across boundaries

  • Engage leaders and influencers in health and care
  • Complement regional and national work
  • Work across agencies in London
  • Work with other UK and global Fast-Track Cities to share learning and influence policy together

2. Advocating for London

  • Champion improvements to London’s HIV response
  • Work together to influence national policy
  • Advocate for HIV within partner organisations

3. Delivering together

  • Deliver an improvement fund, using a community approach to make the best use of the knowledge and experience of providers already delivering services
  • Design and deliver anti-stigma and discrimination work to tackle all the varied types of HIV-related stigma, changing behaviours across London
  • Work in partnership to improve services across London

4. Communicating and engaging

  • Engage the London HIV sector, particularly the HIV community to deliver the roadmap to zero
  • Develop and hold the narrative on London’s progress in tackling its HIV epidemic, in order to record and share London’s journey to date and going forward
  • Showcase London’s achievements
  • Describe London’s ambitions and plans and raise awareness of HIV with the wider public

How was the roadmap created?

In 2018, London Councils, NHS England, Public Health England and the Mayor of London signed the Fast-Track Cities declaration. Fast-Track Cities is a global initiative to end the HIV epidemic by 2030.

After signing the Fast-Track Cities declaration, a London Leadership Group was set up, which includes all four signatories, plus representatives from HIV clinicians, the non governmental sector and HIV community.

We wanted to bring everyone together to use existing knowledge, experience and assets to speed up London’s HIV response.

What have we done so far:

  • Convened the Fast-Track Cities London Leadership Group
  • Kicked off stakeholder engagement with several events
  • Produced an asset and gap analysis of the HIV sector in London
  • Put forward a business case to NHS England (London) and received £6 million funding for the next three years
  • Used the asset and gap analysis and feedback from engagement to develop the Fast-Track Cities London roadmap to zero
  • Launched an improvement fund to jointly improve services in London


Fast-Track Cities London roadmap 2019- 2030


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