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London’s urgent suspected cancer referrals

The two-week urgent referral pathway for suspected cancer is a key part of the national cancer strategy for achieving earlier diagnosis and improved survival rates in England: “In order to improve early diagnosis, we need to encourage people to recognise the symptoms and signs of cancer and seek advice from their doctor as soon as possible. We also need doctors to recognise these symptoms and (if appropriate) refer people urgently for specialist care”.

Use the interactive dashboard to view urgent suspected cancer referral activity data: London-wide, at London sustainability and transformation planning (STP) level, for cancer alliances and at tumour level.

London’s urgent suspected cancer referral activity data shows that more people are being referred and diagnosed via this referral route than ever before. It also shows that suspected skin cancer has now overtaken breast cancer as the most commonly suspected cancer for London GPs.

To see key referral and diagnosis data at CCG and GP practice level, use the profiles plus tool via the National Cancer Research and Analysis Service (NCRAS).

Visit Public Health England’s website to use the practice profiles plus tool.

Visit the NHS England website to read the latest national cancer strategy – Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes: Taking the strategy forward and the accompanying  progress report (2016/17)

Go to Tableau to explore the dashboard.