What we do

The Accelerated Improvement Programme responds to emerging issues that are influencing patient flow. It also proactively supports London’s health and care professionals to share and adopt best practice. Across it all we use performance data to inform our approaches and track our impact.

What we do

Respond to emerging issues

A key part of this programme is responding to London’s health and care organisations’ emerging issues. This includes conducting:

  • root cause analysis
  • organisational coaching
  • mediation and relationship brokering
  • pathway / model of care design and implementation
  • stakeholder engagement

Promoting best practice

We promote quality improvement by influencing London’s health and care professionals to adopt best practice. We also share and spread knowledge of what works and provide high-level support to health leaders to encourage improvements.

How we do it

  • Organising inspirational London-wide events – for example promoting and sharing best practice within London’s Urgent and Emergency Care Improvement Collaborative; running mental health delayed transfers of care seminars, and supporting the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services in England delayed transfers of care road shows.
  • Publishing strategic documents that inform commissioning intentions and policy developments.
  • Sharing knowledge and best practice in the key areas of care.
  • Bringing together partners from across London’s health and care commissioners and providers to make change happen.

Understanding patient flow

We measure the performance of organisations, local borough areas and sustainability and transformation partnerships to help inform our activity. We use performance-related indicators that reflect patient flow to assess the impact our work is having.

Using intelligence and information

Quantitative and qualitative information are essential to our work:

  • We track particular metrics on a regular and on-going basis – for example, delayed transfers of care, stranded patients, A&E performance.
  • We can use bespoke metrics sets to measure impacts of specific interventions.
  • We use intelligence in partnership with organisations and local areas that manage patient flow to explore how well the whole patient journey occurs across London’s health and care system.
  • We are using the information we collect to help sustainability and transformation partnerships, and organisations that manage patient flow, to develop and improvement initiatives.

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