Our work

Healthy London Partnership formed in April 2015. It has been working across health and social care, and with the Greater London Authority, Public Health England, NHS England, London’s councils, clinical commissioning groups, and Health Education England. We have united to amplify the efforts of a growing community of people and organisations that believe it is possible to achieve a healthier, more livable global city by 2020.

The NHS in London came together successfully in 2015 by forming Healthy London Partnership to develop and agree a shared plan for our capital for the coming years. Healthy London Partnership was established in response to the NHS Five Year Forward View and the London Health Commission’s Better Health for London and to improve health services and deliver changes to health in the capital. The aim is to take London from seventh in the global healthy city rankings, to the number one spot.

In April 2015 NHS England and London’s 32 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) launched a plan to make London the world’s healthiest global city. This partnership grew from the work of the London Health Commission, an independent review of health led by Professor the Lord Darzi. The Commission’s report (Better Health for London) contained 10 aspirations for London and over 64 recommendations on how to make London the world’s healthiest city.

The NHS cannot achieve this goal alone and is working with partner organisations to ensure improvements are made through the London Health Board and the London Health and Care Devolution Programme. Partners involved include 32 Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS England (London), Public Health England, London Councils, Health Education England, the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London. The London Health and Care Collaboration Agreement, endorsed by Government, provides a blueprint for partnership working to help make London a healthier city where health and care services meet the needs of individual Londoners.

Our work is organised into transformational focus areas. All partners pooled funding to undertake transformational change across London, through clinical and enabler programmes. Each programme aims to solve a different health and care challenge faced by the capital. All aim to make prevention of ill health and care more consistent across the city.