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London Workforce Strategy

Healthy London Partnership is supporting the General Practice Forward View in London to strengthen the primary care workforce and  increase the numbers of health professionals in general practice. These initiatives contribute to the Next Steps to the Commissioning Framework, building organisational capability and workforce resilience in order to ensure that patients receive person-centred care by the most appropriate health professional. 

Working with our partners, we aim to:

Increase the number of doctors in general practice by:

  • Increasing GP training places
  • Retaining our GPs
  • Supporting GPs who want to return to practice
  • Recruiting international GPs.

Increase the number of other health professionals in general practice by: 

  • Recruiting Clinical Pharmacists into general practice
  • Increasing the number of mental health therapists 
  • Increasing the number of physician associates 
  • Strengthen the general practice nursing workforce.

We are also supporting the delivery of the London Workforce Strategy which sets out a vision for the future of the London health and social care workforce, along with a framework of how to achieve this vision at regional and local level. 

More information:

The Workforce Modelling tool

As we plan to deliver primary care services in a different way, it is critical that we understand the current and future workforce in London. The new (Beta2) g workforce modelling tool has been tested by stakeholders in London to supports this planning: