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General Practice Nursing in London

General Practice Nurses (GPNs) occupy a unique place in primary care and offer unique strengths, supporting patients throughout their lives and naturally linking with community care, mental health and of course GPs themselves.

However, for several reasons, there can still be challenges in recruitment and retention of GPNs in London.

‘The Power of Practice Nursing – The Future of General Practice Nursing in London’

To help address this, we are creating resources under the banner ‘The Power of Practice Nursing – The Future of General Practice Nursing in London’. In this collaborative project from Health Education England, the Healthy London Partnership and NHS England and Improvement, we look at the unique input GPNs bring, share nurses’ experiences, illustrate the strength they bring to primary care, and address some of the challenges in the capital.

To support this, on International Nurses Day 2020 we launch the first edition of ‘The Power of Practice Nursing’ podcast, looking at the modern role of GPNs and how managing Covid-19 has created a dynamic, effective and hi-tech solutions.

We’ll be adding more editions to the London Health Podcast in the coming weeks, looking among other things at managing long-term care and end of life scenarios, as well as creating a case study-led information pack designed to capture the strength general practice nurses bring and unique service they offer.

Podcast episodes:

We find out from the frontline how managing Covid primary care has led to dynamic changes and the experience of being a GPN.


‘Retaining General Practice Nurses’: Capital Nurse report, June 2020

Designed for GPs, practice managers and general practice nurses themselves, the Retaining General Practice Nurses report from the Capital Nurse project makes clear how GPNs leaving jobs through dissatisfaction, retirement or burnout presents a significant challenge for practices and directly impacts delivery of clinical care – and offers evidence and guidance on how to retain GPs and ensure they are recognised as valued members of practice teams.

Produced in partnership with NHS England and Improvement and Health Education England, Capital Nurse engaged with 81 GPNs from 75 practices in seven CCG areas across London. GPNs were invited to share their experiences including a focus on feedback from nurses in the key 50-plus age bracket. However, the insights and guidance apply to retention of GPNs of all ages, structures and locations.

Retaining GP Nurses: A guide for GPs and Practice Managers