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Digital, Technology and Estates

Healthy London Partnership Primary Care programme is working to improve the integration of digital services into primary care services. Across the health landscape digital technology is being recognised as an integral enabler to improve access to services and to streamline the patient journey.

Set within a challenging financial environment, digital approaches must not only improve quality of care for patients, but also realise efficiency benefits such as reducing the burden of administration for practice staff. There is a vast array of digital services in development that are at many stages of maturity. Healthy London Partnership is working with NHS England on digital transformation projects that ensure that services are joined-up and working together.


The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for people to access a range of NHS services on their smartphone or tablet. Find out more here.

GP Online Services

GP Online Services is an NHS England initiative supporting GP practices to provide online services to patients.

NHS Online Consultations

NHS England is using technology to empower patients to take charge of their own health and also make it easier for clinicians to deliver high quality care via Online Consultation tools.

Digital services and the Long Term Plan?

Digitally enabled care is a high priority in the NHS Long Term Plan. The effective use of technology is opening up new possibilities for prevention, care and treatment of patients. The Long Term Plan prioritises a ‘digital first’ approach for patients. In primary care, NHS England (London) is leading the work on the Digital First programme. The programme will support the design and development of integrated pathways to support patient care. There is a continual movement towards increasing functionality of the NHS App by, for example providing the ability for patients to offer video consultations.

The Long Term Plan also delves further into the intended impact that Digital will have within primary care, with the following themes being outlined:

Long Term Plan digital themes

Empowering of PatientsSupporting Health and Care StaffImproving Clinical EfficiencyImproving Population Health
Digital first primary care will become a new option for every patient, improving fast access to convenient primary care.Over the next three years the aim is for all staff working in the community to have access to mobile digital services.Over the next five years three main aims will be tackled to improve clinical efficiency.Health management solutions will be used to support ICs to understand the greatest area of need for health and match NHS services to this.
Every patient will be able to access a GP digitally where appropriate and able to opt for a ‘virtual’ outpatient appointment.Reconfigure the child protection system to replace the dozens of legacy systems.De-personalised, safeguarded data extracted from local records will enable a greater level of sophistication regarding population health management approaches and support research.
Implementation of pathology networks to improve test turnaround times, access to more complex tests and the use of AI.
Diagnostic imaging networks will enable the rapid transfer of clinical images from primary to secondary care.