Our challenge

Providing health professionals with the most up to date information about a patient’s medical history means they can make the best decisions about their care.  Currently at least 30 information exchanges in London enable NHS organisations to share information. However, these exchanges operate locally and don’t cater for when a patient needs care outside their area.

Not being able to share information across geographical boundaries is a significant barrier to integrated care, particularly in London where we are a very mobile population working, living and socialising across different parts of the capital. London hospitals tell us that 80 per cent of the people they see are from outside their area.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a London-wide information exchange which will provide NHS clinicians with secure access to real-time patient records and information. Clinicians in A&Es, hospitals, GP practices and mental health and community care trusts across London will be able to securely exchange information and update records.

Information will only be shared if a patient has given their consent. We want to see each patient having access to an online account where they can view their information and decide which organisations can share it. We will develop universal services for London such as consent standards, identify management and health and care professional role-based access controls which will allow providers to overcome common issues that have historically acted as a barrier to true information sharing.

Our programme

We are working with London CCGs to develop, pilot and launch the London Health and Care Information Exchange.

One element of the exchange will be a data controller console. This is a new online platform that NHS organisations in London can use to create and maintain information sharing agreements. Testing of the data controller console is underway.  You can read more about the data controller console here

Another element of the exchange, an information exchange, will enable clinical documents and information to be shared securely and electronically between NHS organisations in London. Design and development of the information exchange is underway. 

Watch this short video about how joining up NHS organisations can support integrated care and help improve patient care.  

Listen to this podcast from Mike Part, head of our London Digital Programme, to find out more about our work and the benefits of the London Health and Care Information Exchange

To share any thoughts and questions about the London Health and Care Information Exchange please email


The data controller console aims to make it easier and more efficient for NHS organisations in London to create and maintain information sharing agreements.

We are working with leaders in cancer care to improve how information is shared within local cancer networks and between clinicians across London, using the London Health and Care Information Exchange.