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Supporting the recovery and transformation of endoscopy and imaging services

11th October 2021

Liz Jones and Daniel Mercer are currently working with the London Diagnostics Team to support a comprehensive recovery and transformation programme which has been running since June 2020.  The TCST diagnostics optimisation programme has been paused since the start of the pandemic.  Working with the regional team has provided an opportunity to share learning, expertise […]

Demand and capacity modelling for diagnostics

11th October 2021

The Transforming Cancer Services Team (TCST) in collaboration with the Elective Care Improvement Support Team (IST) have been supporting with demand and capacity modelling for imaging and endoscopy services across Southwest London since Autumn 2020, and more recently modelling endoscopy services in North Central London. The work has been commissioned by Integrated Care Systems (ICS) […]

Pan London Personalised Cancer Care health inequalities steering group

7th October 2021

A Pan London personalised cancer care health inequalities steering group was established in October 2020. This was following two workshops held over the summer with a wide range of health professionals’ and patients’ involvement. The steering group wanted  to understand who does and does not receive Personalised Cancer Care interventions and any inequalities within the […]

Fertility Preservation Scoping Report

7th October 2021

During 2019/20, TCST undertook a scoping exercise regarding fertility preservation for people affected by cancer. The aim of the Fertility and Cancer Scoping Report is to provide CCGs/STPs/ICSs, cancer alliances, clinicians and management teams with a greater understanding of the fertility preservation services and support offered to people aged 16 and over affected by cancer […]

Primary Care Nursing and Cancer

7th October 2021

Sandra Dyer joined the TCST Personalised Care for Cancer Team in September 2020. Sandra has brought with her a wealth of experience in primary care and has previously led the SW London Macmillan Primary Care Nursing Project. This role is developed based on the recommendations and evidence from the Macmillan funded project. Primary Care Nursing […]

Pan London Training Needs Analysis

7th October 2021

The Pan London Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for Primary, Community and Social Care Staff ran for 8 weeks with 591 responses.The aim of the TNA is to identify training needs for a number of key professionals in primary and community care, with the understanding that increasing numbers of different professionals are working in the area of […]

Haematology Oncology Advice and Guidance

5th October 2021

The two-week-wait pan-London urgent suspected referral forms were updated in 2021 to include an option urgent haemato-oncology advice & guidance (within 2 working days). This includes patients with abnormal results not meeting the criteria for 2WW referral about who the referring GP has a particular clinical concern. This is the first urgent suspected cancer pathway […]

National Cancer Diagnosis Audit (NCDA)

5th October 2021

The NCDA combines primary and secondary care patient data to better understand pathways to cancer diagnosis. Findings for the region have now been released and show 555 practices, 66 PCNs and 31/32 CCGs participated in 2019. Completion level in London for 2018 data was 42% compared to 13% nationally. 14,995 cancers in 2018 out of […]

FIT Admin Pathway

4th October 2021

The Transforming Cancer Services Team (TCST) have created a poster for GP practice staff to support them in explaining to patients the correct way to complete and return a FIT. The poster has been designed by the TCST Early Diagnosis team with input and support from professionals within the London cancer community including the Cancer […]