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Keeping Mum

10th October 2016

Mum of two Emma Fox explains why she’s so passionate about ensuring pregnant women and new mothers have access to high quality and timely mental health services. I was diagnosed with bipolar in my early twenties. I’ve worked hard, with the support of many services, to understand my condition and gain stability in my life. I knew […]

Striking the balance between work and play

28th September 2016

Ian Lush, Chief Executive, Imperial College Healthcare Charity and Chair of Healthy Living Week steering group explains why Healthy Living Week is a great way of showing appreciation and giving something back. Imperial College Healthcare Charity has supported its partner Trust for Healthy Living Week over the last three years, but this is the first time […]

From fat to fit in the workplace

27th September 2016

Maria Vidal-Read tells us about her experience going from fat to fit by making some changes in the workplace. In 2007 my dad died, I gave birth to my second son and I got sick! I had a BMI of 45. I guess I was classed as obese even though I just felt like me; […]

Let Healthy Living Week be the beginning of better workplace health

26th September 2016

Sarah Price, Chief Officer at NHS Haringey CCG, writes about why she wants Healthy Living Week to be the beginning of better workplace health in the NHS. We’re really excited about Healthy Living Week in my CCG. We’ve got lots of fun activities and events planned during the week for our staff — and our hope is that we […]

The possibilities for London’s fight against child obesity

21st September 2016

London has a big problem. Levels of childhood obesity in London are unacceptably high. This can have serious complications later in life such as diabetes, heart disease  & higher risk of premature mortality, shockingly however we are now seeing such problems in young adults too.  We cannot continue to have almost one-in-four children being overweight […]

A Director of Public Health’s-eye-view of obesity

21st September 2016

An obesity pandemic, with London at the top of the obesity league table of global cities The world is hitting the peak of a truly global epidemic of obesity … and that makes it a pandemic. Most people don’t think of it that way, because unlike swine flu, the obesity pandemic is taking years to […]

Tackling obesity in Haringey

21st September 2016

We’re not great at blowing our own trumpets in the public sector, so I’m going to use this blog as an opportunity to blow others’ and tell you about some really brilliant work that is going on in Haringey, much of it led by my colleagues in public health. Haringey is not unique in its […]

Take the five day challenge for Healthy Living Week

5th September 2016

More than 100 organisations, including CCGs, hospitals and providers, have signed up to take part in Healthy Living Week 2017 which runs between 25 and 29 September. Activities and events they are organising for staff include mental health resilience talks, mindfulness sessions, lunchtime walks and yoga classes. For those short of time to plan activities, we’ve made it even […]