How pharmacies and voluntary organisations are tackling social isolation among older people

29th October 2018

Lydia Shellien-Walker from Ageing Better in Camden explains how they are tackling social isolation and loneliness among older people by drawing on existing skills and resources in the local community as one of fourteen national Big Lottery Fund Ageing Better programmes. “In October 2015, Ageing Better in Camden undertook a two year project which saw […]

Testing new ideas to make our high streets healthier

22nd October 2018

Londoners have identified too many cheap unhealthy food options as one of the top factors making it hard for children to lead healthy lives in the Capital. Here, HLP’s Dominic Jones reflects on the findings of the Healthy High Streets programme, which challenged three London high streets to try new ideas for making our high […]

How social prescribing is improving the lives of Londoners and helping them to thrive

11th October 2018

Amelia Howard, Senior Manager — New Models of Care and Proactive Care Lead at Healthy London Partnership, reflects on how social prescribing is helping to having a positive impact in linking patients in primary care with sources of support within the community across London. “In the last 12 months I’ve been on a journey to understand Social Prescribing — what […]

Asthma mind and body: An integrated approach to supporting the health needs of children

7th September 2018

Anto Ingrassia, is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, and Clinical Lead for the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership describes how emotional and behavioural issues can impact on the treatment and management on asthma. “Physical health and mental health are undeniably interconnected. The care and treatment of physical health problems affects mental health and emotional […]

Asthma and clean air: How does air pollution affect young people with asthma?

7th September 2018

Colette Roach is a project manager in our primary care team. She has recently completed a Master’s in Public Health during which she wrote her dissertation on the effects that air pollution in London has on the development and exacerbations of childhood asthma. Since it’s #AskAboutAsthma right now, we asked her a few questions about […]

Asthma and schools: Simple steps help flag when a child’s asthma is getting out of control

7th September 2018

Heather Hudson, Hounslow School Nurse, shares how a simple intervention of monitoring use of asthma medication at school has helped promote preventative measures and achieve better asthma care management. “Last  September, we  started an asthma audit at Strand on the Green Junior and Strand on the Green Infant School. In the first couple of weeks […]

Asthma and allergy: Declaring war on dust mites!

4th September 2018

Catherine Sutton, Mum to Edward, who has severe allergies and asthma, shares some of her tried and tested advice for dust mites and other allergens associated with respiratory illness at home and school.  Catherine has set up Airborne Allergy Action with other affected Mums. “Did you know that dustmite allergy is one of the most […]

Breaking down barriers for young carers in London

28th June 2018

Naheeda Rahman, a medical student at UCL, explains an important pilot initiative underway in London to better support young carers in healthcare environments. Carers are vital to the health of the person they care for and indispensable to the NHS. Every year they save the NHS around £132 billion. An estimated 1 in 12 secondary […]

Looking for the best talent in London

1st June 2018

Healthy London Partnership Director, Shaun Danielli, talks about how we are changing and why we need London’s best talent to help us make London the healthiest city in the world. We are changing. Not a lot, but enough for us to get excited about it. We have a strong track record of bringing people together […]