Adding life into years for cancer patients with lymphoedema

12th July 2017

Dr Karen Robb, Macmillan Rehabilitation Clinical Lead for our Transforming Cancer Services Team, explains how we’re working to support cancer patients affected by lymphoedema in London. I have worked as a specialist cancer physiotherapist for over 20 years and have spent the majority of my clinical time working with people living with the consequences of […]

Manage your health, your way with GP online services

23rd June 2017

Dr Murray Ellender is a London GP and a partner in The Hurley Group practices. He is also CEO of eConsult. Here he explains his passion for digital innovation in primary care and its potential to affordably transform everyday healthcare.  We get our news, shopping and banking online. Now we can manage our health online […]

GP online services are brilliant!

23rd June 2017

Bipin Dittani is a local resident of Harrow, a GP patient and chair of his local practice patient group. Here he describes why he’s a fan of the GP online services that take the hassle out of seeing a GP. I’m a big supporter of GP online services and feel so strongly about patients having […]

Supporting Londoners affected by cancer

16th May 2017

Dr Philippa Hyman, Macmillan Mental Health Clinical Lead for our Transforming Cancer Services team, writes about how we’re working to improve psychological support for people affected by cancer. One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Earlier diagnosis and improved treatment means more Londoners are now surviving cancer and […]

60 seconds with Eugenia Lee

13th May 2017

Dr Eugenia Lee is GP lead, Healthy London Partnership’s Children and Young People’s Programme. We asked her to tell us a few of the reasons that she’s so passionate about improving children and young people’s health in the capital. What is the biggest challenges to improving health for children and young people in London? There is a huge richness […]

Helping people with mental illness lead healthier, longer lives

6th May 2017

People with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, face considerable challenges to their physical health as well and evidence shows us they are missing out on some of the health improvements seen in the general population. The most striking example is tobacco  –  only 17% of people in the overall population smoke […]

Making social prescribing mainstream business

10th April 2017

Jane Barnacle, Senior Responsible Officer for Personalisation and Self-Care at Healthy London Partnership and Regional Director for Patients and Information at NHS England (London region), explains why we’re supporting CCGs to help make social prescribing available to all Londoners. People are living longer and are developing long term health conditions as they get older. Their health […]

More than just the ‘baby blues’

14th March 2017

Dr Liz McDonald, Chair of the London Perinatal Mental Health Network, explains why London CCGs need to ensure high quality and timely mental health services are available for pregnant women and new mothers. As a perinatal consultant psychiatrist for over 30 years, I have seen first-hand just how many women struggle with mental health problems […]

My recovery

27th February 2017

Laura Phelan, founder of Phelan Well and a member of our young people’s steering group, talks about being diagnosed with an eating disorder at an early age, her experiences of care in London and her personal road to recovery. My name is Laura, I’m twenty-four and I run a wellness and fitness business to improve mental […]