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London Health and Care Partnership launches new funding opportunity to support London Vision

24th October 2022

The London Health and Care Partnership (HCP) has announced a non-recurrent funding opportunity for projects supporting the priorities of the London Vision over the next financial year (2023/24). Improving the health and care of Londoners through better, more integrated service delivery is a key priority for the HCP. The Partnership is working collaboratively with stakeholders […]

Quality of Life and Cancer

18th October 2022

Quality of Life and Cancer continues to be a key priority area within the TCST Personalised Cancer Care programme. There is an established London Quality of Life and Cancer Working group and two established Task and Finish groups focusing on: Improving survey completeness across London and the Understanding the data and what it means for London.An action plan […]

How asthma has affected me throughout my life

30th September 2022

Robert Adoo Kissi-Debrah shares his experiences of living with asthma as a young person and how he has learnt to manage the condition. Robert also draws on the work of The Ella Roberta Foundation, founded by his mother, Rosamund, which raises awareness about asthma and campaigns to improve air quality for everyone, everywhere.

How Mums for Lungs are campaigning to improve air pollution

30th September 2022

Ruth Fitzharris from Mums for Lungs blogs about the links between air pollution and asthma. Ruth considers the practical changes which parents of children with asthma can take to reduce the risk of air pollution triggering their condition, as well as the need for wider-system changes to tackle air pollution across cities.

What the Haringey public health team are doing to support children with asthma

30th September 2022

Haringey’s Public Health team share how they are taking a whole systems approach to asthma management, including addressing environmental triggers, introducing a comprehensive education programme and promoting personalised care and effective preventative interventions to control and reduce the risk of asthma attacks.

Campaigning for better inhaler images in the media

30th September 2022

Once year since its launch, Sara Nelson and Viv Marsh look back on the impact of the #RightInhalerCampaign which highlights the importance of choosing the right inhaler image which depicts the right person, the right preventative treatment, in the right way, with the right technique, at the right time, in the right place.

Taking control of my own asthma management

30th September 2022

For #AskAboutAsthma 2022, Olivia Fulton reflects on her asthma journey as a young person and the transition to managing her asthma independently.

Tackling Air Pollution At School

30th September 2022

In this #AskAboutAsthma blog, we hear from Kat Roberts from Tackling Air Pollution At School (TAPAS). TAPAS is one of six Clean Air Networks funded by the Government’s Strategic Priorities Fund ‘Clean Air Programme’ and is working to tackle the impact of air pollution on children’s lung health.