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Fast-Track Cities April 2020 update

1st April 2020

A message from the Co-Chairs of Fast-Track Cities London This is a challenging time for people and organisations all around London. It’s inspirational to see how people have come together to support all Londoners and particularly people living with HIV. Health transformation work across London is largely being paused, to make sure the maximum number […]

Cancer psychosocial support is everybody’s business

20th March 2020

Cancer and its treatments have the potential to significantly impact on mental health, physical health and socio-economic status (finances, employment) in multiple ways. We know that 58% of people diagnosed with cancer feel their emotional needs are not looked after as much as their physical needs (Macmillan, 2006). Evidence also shows that cancer patients have […]

Personalised care for cancer – what happens next in London?

16th March 2020

Do you know how many people there are living in London who have had a cancer diagnosis? At December 2017, it was enough people to fill Wembley Stadium two and a half times (about 232,000). By 2030, it’s anticipated to be around 353,000. Unfortunately, we know that not everyone that survives their cancer lives well, […]

Celebrate World Sleep Day with Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet

13th March 2020

It’s World Sleep Day on Friday 13 March 2020 and we’re supporting the global call to action about the importance of healthy sleep incorporating the slogan, ‘Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet.’ Today spare a thought for those who did not sleep well last night, especially if that person is you. It’s curious that only […]

Integrated Care in Action Week, 9-15 March

9th March 2020

This Integrated Care in Action week [9-15 March 2020] will be a week dedicated to showcasing the best practice and learning as health and care systems work towards becoming integrated care systems. The NHS Long Term Plan requires Integrated Care Systems to be in place by April 2021. The London Mental Health in Integrated Care […]

Call for teenagers with asthma to co-design NHS app

4th March 2020

Today [Wednesday 4 March, 2020], the Digital Health Passport, a personal health record that enables young people to take control of their health by creating asthma action plans, tracking symptoms and accessing NHS support, is calling on 14-25 years olds living with asthma in east London, to help develop the app which is due to […]

Hospital Use and Cancer Treatment at the End of Life, for People Dying due to Cancer

3rd March 2020

An important component of good personalised care is to ensure that advance-planning and coordination of care at the end of life occurs as a shared decision-making process between an individual and their care providers. The NHS Long Term Plan aims to improve personalised care at the end of life (EoL), reducing emergency admissions and enabling […]

New eating disorders guidelines launched for educational professionals

2nd March 2020

To coincide with Eating Disorders Awareness Week (2-8 March 2020), Healthy London Partnership, has launched guidelines – in partnership with Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity – for educational professionals about helping children and young people with eating disorders to seek treatment. These guidelines are being dispatched to schools and colleges across London to increase […]

Good Thinking shortlisted for the 2020 BMJ Awards

24th February 2020

We are delighted to announce that Good Thinking has been shortlisted for the Mental Health Team category at this year’s BMJ Awards. Good Thinking is a unique digital wellbeing service designed to support Londoners who are looking for personalised new ways to improve how they feel every day. It offers safe, proactive, early intervention tools […]