Please refer to these frequently asked questions that should address common queries regarding the forms.

Following on from the launch of the Pan London Suspected Cancer Referral Forms in April 2016, we are pleased to see that most London GPs have embedded the forms within their IT systems and are using them for suspected cancer referrals.

A number of practices have expressed difficulties in locating the forms, where to access the trust contact information database and who to contact if there are functionality or clinical queries. Please refer to these frequently asked questions that should address common queries regarding the forms. 

When were the forms launched and how do I access them?

The referral forms were launched on the 25th April 2016 for all London GPs and trusts on My Health London’s website. Local arrangements were put in place for SystmOne non-integrated forms across North West London (Central London, West London, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow and Ealing CCGs) and Vision practices in Lewisham and Greenwich. The forms were made available on DXS on 9th May 2016. 

Please use Internet Explorer 10 or 11, Google Chrome or Firefox when downloading the forms. Older Internet Explorer versions do not allow you to download the forms. If you are having problems please contact TCST at england.tcstlondon@nhs.net and we will send you the forms electronically. 

How do I download these onto my system?

Installation guides are available on myhealthlondon’s Pan London Suspected Cancer website. These provide step-by-step guidance on how to embed the forms into EmisWeb, Vision and SystmOne integrated.  

Where are the trust contact details to make the referral?

Embedded within each form at the top is a web link providing the full list of trusts, email addresses and additional contact information. The preference of the web link in comparison to a long list of hospitals is that it is centrally managed by TCST, this means we can change any contact details, ensuring that they are as up to date as possible. Each tumour type form has its own customised set of contact details relating to that specific cancer type as not every trust operates each cancer services. 

The image below demonstrates the web link at the top of each form:

When is the switch over from fax to electronic referrals taking place?

All GP practices across London should be either emailing suspected cancer referrals or booking the appointment directly using the E-referral system (formerly known as Choose and Book). There will be a transition period of moving from fax to electronic referrals, however trusts are advising to move away from faxed referrals.

We would urge you to comply with these recommendations as soon as possible. TCST have scheduled an audit to look at the number of faxed referrals to Cancer offices and the information will be fed back to CCGs to support practices to implement electronic referrals and safety netting. It is important to note that during the transition period faxed referrals will still be accepted.

What do I do if I can’t download the referral forms or make email referrals?

In the first instance we recommend contacting your CCG Cancer and IT lead or your local service desk.

For technical issues please contact your IT system’s customer support or helpdesk

EMIS Web: 0845 122 2333

Vision England LAN practices: 0845 351 1820 

Vision AEROS hosted practices: 0845 359 3544 

SystmOne: 0113 20 500 95

 If you are continuing to have problems please contact TCST at england.tcstlondon@nhs.net and the forms will be sent via email to you.

I have a query regarding the clinical criteria on the form, who do I raise this with?

Please email your query to the TCST email address where one of our clinical leads will respond to you as soon as possible: england.tcstlondon@nhs.net

If there are any further queries regarding the Pan London Suspected Cancer Referral forms please contact england.tcstlondon@nhs.net. Dr Ishani Patel, clinical lead for NG12 Pan London can be contacted by email: ishanipatel@nhs.net

Information for suspected cancer (2ww) offices and cancer managers

If you have any queries regarding the referral forms or are contacted by GPs or CCG leads please provide them with Transforming Cancer Services team email address england.tcstlondon@nhs.net.