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Involving Londoners in the future health of the city

Fully engage and involve Londoners in the future health of their city

There is broad and positive consensus that the health and social care system belongs to everyone. Yet that feeling of ownership often does not translate into a sense of involvement in health decisions and actions.

We aim to see 10 basis point improvements in polling data on how organisations that deliver health or health-related services engage Londoners in service design.

Co-developing health and healthcare transformation efforts with Londoners
All of the HLP programmes have set priorities in partnership with Londoners, including through patient representatives sitting on each programme board. Healthy London Partnership has developed a public engagement framework that has been embedded into each of the 13 transformation programmes. The framework builds on the engagement principles in Better Health for London and aims to ensure a meaningful conversation with Londoners using relevant channels. The London Prevention Board will be supporting a social campaign on personal health and prevention via TalkLondon.

Providing Londoners with high quality information about health in London
Healthy London Partnership is developing an interactive health platform to support Londoners to manage more of their personal health affairs online. The platform will also provide Londoners with information about local health, voluntary and community services and how to best use and be involved in these.