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Advice and resources for parents and carers

Supporting children and young people’s mental health

  1. Supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing
  2. Supporting children as lockdown eases
  3. Supporting children and young people with eating disorders
  4. Changes in routine: Advice for families with children with autistic spectrum disorder and learning disabilities
  5. Advice for parents and carers of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  6. Supporting with worries about COVID-19
  7. Helping to cope with stress during the pandemic
  8. Supporting anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic
  9. Recovery is possible for everyone
  10. FREE BOOK: Everybody worries
  11. Book: My Hero is You
  12. Advice for parenting teens during COVID-19
  13. Creating a Quiet Space for Kids
  14. Mindfulness
  15. Child in Mind Podcasts:
  16. Getting support: Youth Wellbeing Directory- Service Near You

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing

1.Good Thinking: Advice for parents and carers

2. Apps on Good Thinking

3. Managing your wellbeing as a parent during lockdown

4. Keeping well

5. Mental health and exercise

6. How to juggle your responsibilities as a parent at home

7. Advice for expectant and new parents & carers

8. What if lockdown has been a relief for my family

9. How to tackle lockdown emotions with Dr Sheila Redfern

10. Coping with a crying baby

11. Dealing with loss and separation

12. Helping children manage their emotions during COVID-19

13. Looking after your mental health when you have a baby


Coping with Loneliness

  1. What you can do if you feel lonely during the coronavirus outbreak
  2. Loneliness during coronavirus
  3. Tips to manage loneliness
  4. Get help with loneliness

Return to School

  2. Helping children transition back to nursery
  3. How teachers are tackling the return to school
  4. What parents and carers need to know about educational settings

Talking to young people about coronavirus

  1. An article about Talking to your child about coronavirus
  2. A book for children: Coronavirus
  3. Talking to children about illness
  4. Eight tips to help comfort and young people
  5. Answering questions from young people
  6. Supporting and reassuring children under 8 years old with their emotions during the pandemic
  7. Supporting one another during the coronavirus outbreak

What to do if your child is unwell

  1. Advice for parents during the pandemic

Resources to support parents & carers during the pandemic

  1. COVID-19 Resource Pack
  2. Book: Good days in unusual times
  3. Information for families and children with disabilities

Home Learning

  1. Online Safety and Remote Education
  2. Supporting your children’s remote education during coronavirus (COVID-19)
  3. Oak National Academy for Parents and Carers
  4. Coronavirus and UK schools’ closures

Fun activities

  1. Indoor activities
  2. Activity Village
  3. Yoga and Mindfulness
  4. Obstacle Courses
  5. Outside In activities
  6. Fun and educational resources on nature and the environment