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Our vision

We believe in working together to make change happen

Formed in May 2015 as a collaboration between London’s 32 CCGs and NHS England (London Region). Funded annually by CCGs and NHS England (London Region). Our partners include the Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, Public Health England, London Councils and Health Education England.

We work with partners to see the bigger picture

We work to deliver the things best done ‘once for London’ where this is the most efficient and economic model for improving health and care for Londoners. We are also in the unique position to support the delivery of the local health and care transformation plans in the five areas across London with strategic advice, resources and staff embedded in the areas.

We believe in doing things differently

We encourage people to do things differently, generate innovative ideas and opportunities, break the mould and drive a movement that is passionate about delivering new health and care solutions.

We want to inspire London to be the best it can be

We think that  that collectively we can make London the healthiest global city in the world by uniting all of London to deliver the ambitions set out in Better Health for London: Next Steps and the NHS Five Year Forward View.

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