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We bring together the NHS in London (Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS England) and our partners to deliver better health and care for all Londoners.

Our partners include the Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, Public Health England, London Councils and Health Education England. We think that collectively we can make London the healthiest global city in the world by uniting all of London to deliver the ambitions set out in Better Health for London: Next Steps and the national Five Year Forward View.



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We work to deliver the changes best done once for London. We are also in the unique position to support the delivery of the local health and care transformation plans in the five areas across London with strategic advice, resources and staff embedded in the areas. We:

  • Work across London to deliver on national, London and local aspirations aiming to make London the healthiest city in the world.
  • Bring together political drive, academic research and delivery networks to make sure change is taken forward at every level.
  • Attract additional funding to London for transformation work – in 2017/18 London will benefit from up to £18 million of extra funding.
  • Horizon scan, summarise and share best practice, evaluation, data and policy to make sure London’s health and care system has access to the most up to date information.
  • Bring together and facilitate London wide networks to build consistent standards of care so all Londoners have access to the best possible health and care services.
  • Work on once for London projects where this is the most efficient and economic model for improving health and care for Londoners.